TED Courses

Type of work
Illustration, layout design, typography

*Work with Colours and Shapes 
C+S partnered with TED to develop a brand new, innovative take on online education.
I was honoured to be a part of the team at Colours and Shapes that brought to life TED's new set of educational courses, featuring Dylan Marron, Pico Iyer, Charlie Jane Anders and Wanuri Kahiu. 
Through this project, we developed a brand system to bring a unique visual identity to each course, tied to the character and personality of each instructor. For me, my main role involved creating illustrations and style frames for 2 of the 3 courses set by our Creative Director.
styling for dylan's course
The creative approach surrounding How To Disagree focuses on bold, colourful art styles to convey the dynamism and diversity of conversations and different perspectives. 
To compliment Dylan’s fun and forward persona, the graphic content was primarily type-driven, using a bold yet organic typeface to help convey a lighter and fun tone to an otherwise sensitive and difficult topic to address. We also carefully placed simple hand-drawn line elements to add engagement to the spoken content.
styling for charlie & wanuri's course
For the second course, I worked primarily on Wanuri's style frames and collaborated with another illustrator who developed illustrations for Charlie's section.  
Since imagination is diverse and individual, we are careful not to show or suggest what something should look like, but rather allow the viewer to visualize scenes for themselves. In contrast to Charlie, we used a warmer colour palette focused  on more illustrative, line-drawn art to bring a human connection to the visuals.
dylan marron
charlie jane anders & Wanuri Kahiu
pico iyer
On top of each course, I was also involved in creating  offline coursebooks for viewers to use at home. Using the illustrations and colours from the videos, we applied the same styling to the layout and design of each coursebook. Above is a taste of each of the coursebooks.
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