Sakay Na! Found Typography in the
Streets of the Philippines

Type of work
Brand concept, creative direction, illustration,
print & digital application
As part of our 10th annual Pop-up Type Museum, I created an exhibit inspired by different hand-lettered typography in my hometown: Manila, Philippines.
Ranging from food carts to Jeepney signs, the diversity of hand-drawn signage in the streets of the Philippines showcases the artistry, craftsmanship and subculture of Filipinx artists. Adorned with eye-catching, colorful fonts and quirky phrases, these artefacts capture the unique liveliness and busyness of everyday settings in the Philippines. The title, Sakay Na! (meaning 'Hop on!' in Tagalog), refers to the saying people use to attract customers to hop on for a Jeepney ride.
Originally, the Jeepney was brought over by a surplus of American military Jeeps from World War 2, but overtime, it has become an integral part of Filipinx vernacular typography. A playful take on this mode of transportation pays homage to the vibrant, complex histories of the Philippines and its resilient people. 
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