The Giftbox Project 

Type of work
Brand identity, creative direction,
print & digital campaign
One of the biggest changes in 2020 is the way people interact with one another.  Due to COVID-19, people have experienced a growing sense of loneliness and disconnection. As a result, this not only affects their relationships with others but their ability to build and sustain community. This lack of human connection has permeated our cities and equally important, our schools. We noticed that students yearn for a sense of community, leading them to start up new clubs, online forums, or seeking other extracurriculars to stay engaged with others.  
Our proposal for this marketing campaign is to rekindle human connection through the exchange of gifts. Everyone loves receiving gifts and in this unprecedented time, we imagine growing our school community through this project. 
Contextualizing our marketing campaign at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, we wanted to take advantage of our community’s abundance and diversity of creatives. By extension, our vision is to encourage more creativity throughout the city by applying the same gifting cycle: 
 1) Set a new monthly theme to guide participants’ Gifts
2) Take instruction cards and make a Gift
3) Leave a Gift at a Giftbox Station
4) Take a Gift from a Giftbox Station & share on social media
Along with our catch phrase G.I.F.T. we wanted our campaign to evoke a sense of Do It Yourself culture to tap into the hand-made aspect of the project.
giftbox station
At these Giftbox Stations, students and participants can find instruction cards laying out the month’s theme for gift-making and how the cycle of gifting happens; gifts can then be wrapped using the Giftbox wrapping paper placed at these stations. This also serves as the location where participants can leave and pick up their gifts. 
As another fun part of the gift-making process, participants are also encouraged to fill in the acronym G.I.F.T. to indicate what’s inside their gift and how it relates to the monthly theme. The purpose of these tags is to give people the opportunity to leave a note of personal touch and express their intentions for the gift. 
To encourage more people to participate, we want to showcase the gifts people made on social media platforms. This page would feature participants' handmade gifts, tags, locations, and more. 
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