Books I wish existed

Type of work
Illustration, play
If I lost all of my creative abilities tomorrow, would anyone still want me around?
This series showcases a set of books that I wish existed. Dear Burntout Creative is rooted in my experience this past summer. With the emergence of Covid-19, the shutting down of public spaces meant the influx of engagement on online and virtual spaces. All of a sudden, there was a heavy demand for all kinds of creatives to produce and execute so many digital and visual materials. I became exhausted with the amount of pressure and expectations placed on me as an artist and designer in my community, which eventually led to burnout. 
Reading the stories of other creatives online, I sensed that many others felt similarly. I imagined a book that provided  answers on how to juggle feelings of creative inadequacy with creative growth; answers on how to set boundaries and when to challenge oneself; and answers on how to balance feelings of resentment towards people who use creatives as resources while nurturing a desire to be generous with our creative gifts.
The other books in the series showcase a mix of titles from silly ideas, daydreams, and experiences with tensions in my personal relationships.
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